About Us

The purpose of the Conewago Canoe Club is to:

  • Promote interest and fellowship in canoeing and kayaking related activities
  • To offer canoe/kayak educational sessions on selection of watercraft, use, maintenance, paddling technique, and safety measures.
  • To promote conservation and establishment of wilderness areas.

Membership is open to any person interested in the purposes stated above upon payment of dues.  Dues shall consist of a nominal fee payable yearly and the fiscal year shall coincide with the calendar year.

The Club Administration shall be governed by the club officers and business of the club will be transacted by a simple majority vote of the members present at the club meetings. 

Club meetings will be held twice a year, once in the winter before the pool sessions and once at the end of summer.  Dates will be confirmed on the club calendar.

Officers of the club shall be elected to annual terms.  Responsibilities are, in addition to enforcing general club regulations, defined as follows:

President: Presiding officer with responsibility for the function of the club.
- Megan Gembe
Vice President: Responsible for trip accomodations and general club business.
- Jacob Gembe
Secretary: Responsible for handling correspondence at the direction of the President and Vice President.
- Currently Open
Trip and Safety Coordinator: Responsible for the finding instructors for each class and relaying the appropriate dates to the club calendar.
- Currently Open
Treasurer: Responsible for the solicitation of new and renewing members, the maintenance of an accurate and current roster, the collection of dues and holding of club funds, and disbursements as authorized by membership.
- Carol Figdore